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September 30, 2014 at 12:55pm
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Learning to Love Criticism →

Women can also benefit from interpreting feedback as providing information about the preferences and point of view of the person giving the feedback, rather than information about themselves. 

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“What we know is that women entrepreneurs reinvest 90% of their revenues into the community,” González said, listing education, nutrition, household expenditure, and caring for children and elderly people as social services that women buy with profits.

If governments strove to give women a greater share of the $15tn public procurement industry, economic growth would be more evenly distributed in developing countries, González said.

— Female entrepreneurs ‘an amazing engine for economic growth’ via The Guardian

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Following in the footsteps of IPPR, Nesta has made a public commitment to end all male panels at our events and advocate the same for events we participate in. As we host regular live events and publish videos online, we hope this will bring more diverse and representative perspectives to political and social debates and start to make events with no women speakers seem odd and anachronistic.

Tokenism? We don’t think so. It’s as important as ensuring that organisations’ Boards are representative, and at Nesta we’re glad that our Board has moved closer to gender parity. Given the current proportions of women experts represented in public debate it may be easier to think of a man to speak or chair an event than to find a woman. Making this pledge makes it necessary to spend that extra effort to get someone different in.

— Well done, NESTA.

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Sony Has Just Picked Up “The Eden Project,” A Lady-Centric Sci-Fi/Action Flick →


September 26, 2014 at 2:40pm
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The definitive case for paternity leave →

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I dare you. Ask me one more time ‘Where are the women in tech?’ →

Excellent stuff from gautamramdurai @gautamramdurai

September 23, 2014 at 9:53am
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Can women fix capitalism? →

September 22, 2014 at 4:07pm
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So in considering why women suffer a huge penalty for taking time off after having kids, it may be time to ask not just whether or not they can find sufficient childcare but why men just don’t seem to have this problem. And instead of asking why women are taking lower-paying jobs than men, the question is why women, who clearly are getting more educated than men right now, are still staying out of math classes.

— How not to close the gender pay gap by Danielle Kurtzleben in Vox

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Emma Watson’s brilliant speech to the UN 

Also see He for She, a movement for gender equality

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Equality isn’t a women’s issue, it’s everybody’s issue. It’s not for someone else to sort out — it’s for us to sort out. We can’t let complacency take the place of acting on something we know to be wrong, or unfair. Whether it’s GamerGate, or cat-calling, or a conference line-up with no women, or talking over a woman in that meeting, it all matters.

— ‘Equality isn’t a woman’s issue, it’s everyone’s. In gaming and Outside' by jemima-kiss in the Guardian