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Moving women in tech forward. Together.


Ada Lovelace wrote the first programming language in 1842.  Lots of other ladies have contributed to the internet and science since. Let’s elevate our profiles – together – and get stuff done.

Who are we:

Women who, broadly speaking, work in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

AKA: ladies who work in or around the internet. Digital strategists, scientists, designers, physicists, mathematicians, makers, journalists, developers, service designers, sci fi authors, tech journalists, rocket scientists, online campaigners,

What’s Ada’s List:

  • a forum where ladies can talk off the record about professional, tech and science related topics
  • share job listings (yeah, that’s right – let’s create a wicked pipeline of talented women across all of our industries, companies, startups, etc)
  • conference panels and calls for submissions
  • a great place to find talented ladies to write about…and maybe some sources
  • support for co-founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate innovators
  • informal mentoring
  • sharing some cool, related events

What we’re not:

  • brogrammers


  • Global, but with an eye on growing the London and UK ladies in tech scene

Can I join?

  • hell yeah

SHOUT OUTS to the ladies who came before us and inspired us: